50 MHz. Propagation Log
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My Hobbies and Interests|
VHF+, HF, PCs and programming...

My QSL Card
Pictures of my QSL cards

My Favorite Sites
Links and more links...

My Personal Information
Boring stuff about me...

My Software Picks
WinOrbit, VHF Log, and my stuff

Hardware - CATV Coax Splice
By George Dowell - K0FF

My Pictures
Ham Shack, Tower, and Mobile, etc

Hardware - Icom CI-V Interface
Circuit and PC board

  Hardware - SLOOP 6 meter Loop
By George Dowell - K0FF

Drake L-4B Mods
Amplifier Deck and Power Supply

Hardware - CATV Coax Connectors
By George Dowell - K0FF

Arduino Projects
Descriptons, photos, diagrams, sketches,etc.

Hardware Sources
Parts, boards, tools, etc.


Last Updated on January 23, 2015