My Software Picks


These are some of my software "finds" along with some of my efforts. I hope you find them as useful as I have. I will add to this site as I have time and locate more "finds" and have time to finish my projects.

My current software efforts are CW/Voice Keyer, Phased Array Power Divider Calculator, and a VHF/UHF Log/QSL Printer program. My main programming environment is Microsoft's Visual Basic 6.0 which I have found to be a powerful and fun language. As I finish these programs, I'll post them here for download. Please note that I consider these "Alpha" versions and welcome any and all suggestions for improvement.


Some "finds"

N3FJP VHF/UHF Logging Software

DipTrace PC/Schematic Design Software

Satellite Tracking Software

Download My Software Creations - Last Updated May 6, 2002

K4PWO's Ham Calculator - Simple scientific calculator with "Ham" formula notes.

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