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MARS/HFLink ALE^Stat LQA Reporting Tool

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About ALE^Stat

ALE^Stat is an add-on to the PC/MARS-ALE software.  The tool is designed to communicate with PC/MARS-ALE, filter and collect LQA data, send periodic SITREP reports, and archive the reports for MARS stations. Amateur users reports will be sent to the HFLink Web page for logging.  The following sections describe the features and operation of the ALE^Stat software.
ALE^Stat requires MS .Net Framework 4.0, Windows XP or later, 256 Mbytes RAM, and 5 Mbytes of hard drive space.  A dual core processor is recommended if you need "Echo" support as it runs in a separate thread.

Hyperlinks in the Table of Content will take you to the appropriate section of this document.

ALE^Stat Main Form

Windows conventions are followed by the ALE^Stat software.  If you are running the Windows XP or later operating system, holding the "ALT" key will cause menu shortcuts (underlined letters in the menu title) to appear.  Pressing one of the letter on the keyboard that corresponds to a underlined letter will open that menu, i.e., "ALT-S" will open the Setup menu.

The following sections will explain the various features and functions of ALE^Stat.

Form Features

Main Menu Bar


Save Setup Data - Causes a the setup parameters, LQA Builder window size and position, and latitude/longitude data to be saved.  With the exception of the encrypted lat/lon data, all the data is stored in the Windows Registry.

Send from Archive - This option allows you to select an archived SITREP to be re-sent.  The SITREP will be in the form that it was originally saved in.

Send Now - Sends the current log and starts a new log.  This will NOT effect the next scheduled log unless there is no new data collected before the scheduled send.  If the log is "empty", no SITREP will be built.

Exit - Closes the LQA Builder program, saves all setup parameters,  and if a log exists, you will be asked if you want to send it, delete it, or save it for the next time the LQA Builder is run.

Setup Menu

All setup parameters of ALE^Stat are accessed via the "Setup" menu.

ALE Source Tab

Setup Source Tab

Radio/Emulation Type - Select MARS-ALE or PC-ALE as appropriate. Other options are for hardware ALE radios and are not implemented at this time.

Enable HFLink

Enable HFLink Reporting - Checked enables the HFLink column in the Frequencies Tab.

Enable MARS Option

Enable MARS Reporting - Checked enables the MARS column in the Frequencies Tab.

Telnet Options

Telnet IP Setup - Port address and number used to communicate with MARS/PC-ALE.  These values must match the values used in MARS-ALE.

NOTE:  The "localhost" setting of may not function under some circumstances due to IPv6 mapping.  Using the PC's IPv4 address is best practice.

Echo Options

Enable Echo - Check to enable Echo functions.  ONLY enable if you are using a third party application that requires this support.  It can cause resource problems on low end PCs.

Echo IP Setup - Port address and number used to communicate with a third party application like BBSLink.  These values must match the values used in the third party application.


Frequency Tab

Fequency Tab

Read QRG File - This button will allow you to read your operation PC/MARS-ALE QRG file to build the channel list.  You need to "dump" a fresh copy of your QRG file before the tool reads the list.  You may rebuild the list manually or use this feature at any time.  You will have to select/re-select the appropriate service to receive your LQA.
Leaving a channel unchecked or checking both will cause ALE^Stat to ignore the frequency

Obscure Frequency Option

Obscure Frequency Display - When checked, frequencies will be truncated to a single decimal place.


HFLink Info Tab

HFLink Info Tab

Ham Call - Your amateur call sign as assigned by your licensing authority that your LQA will be posted under.  Do not use tactical calls or calls with ID numbers unless authorized by HFLink.

HFLink URL - The root "Universal Resource Locator" or address for the HFLink Web site.  Do not use "/" or "http:", etc. as part of the address.  ALE^Stat will format the address.

HFLink Email - Your address that you use to submit LQA reports.  This address will be used if you have errors in your LQA posts.  Please make sure this is a good address!

Test Post Button - Used to send a test post to HFLink.


Logs Tab

Logs Tab

Log File Path - Folder to store log files of submitted LQA reports.


MARS Info Tab

MARS Info Tab

MARS Call - Your MARS call sign.  Typically, do not use billet calls.

Email Address - Address the MARS-ALE-SITREP group is setup to accept.

Username - The username assigned to your SMTP compatible email account.  Typically this is the same as the first part of your email address, i.e., "username" in "username@myISP.net."

Password/Confirm Password - Your SMTP compatible email password.  If the two fields are not the same because of a "typo", you will receive an error message and will need to re-enter the password.

Display Name - The "friendly" name you want displayed as the sender.

SMTP Server - Your outgoing email host name.  This is the name or your ISP's SMTP server.  If you use a Web based email service, you will need to see if the ISP has a SMTP server.  Email services that are solely Web based WILL NOT work with ALE^Stat.

SMTP Port - The port required by your ISP.  This is usually 25, 465, or 587 depending on your ISP and if SSL encryption is selected.

Mail Options Checkboxes

Use Authentication? - Check this is your ISP requires you to authenticate.

Use SSL Encryption? - Check this is your ISP requires you to use encryption. Selecting this will automatically enter 587 as your SMTP port.  If your ISP uses a special port, you may change it after SSL is selected.

Mail "Copy To" Options

Send Copy? - Select to send a copy of the SITREP to the "Copy to..." address.

Copy to Email Address - Address that SITREP copies will be sent to if you have "Send Copy?" checked.

Test Email Button - Use this to send a test email to the group and to the "Copy to..." address (if selected).
NOTE: You have to have all fields filled out and saved before the button will function.

SITREP Interval Option

Report Interval - Interval between MARS LQA reports in hours.  This value does not affect HFLink postings which are in near real time.  A value of "0" is manual posting and will not send reports automatically.


Station Info Tab

Station Info Tab

Maidenhead Grid Locator - Enter your stations 4 or 6 character grid position.  If you do not know your grid, you may click on the underlined hyperlink which will navigate your browser to the ARRL Web site and to links for locator assistance.

Other Location - This is a free text area for additional location information, i.e., state, metro area, etc.  You may include any information you feel would be useful to the SITREP group.

ALE Radio and Interface - This is a free text area to compose a description of your station, equipment, modes supported, operating schedules, etc.  You may include any information you feel would be useful to the SITREP group.

Antenna Description - This is a free text area to compose a description of your antennas.  You may include any information you feel would be useful to the SITREP group.

Setup Form Save/Cancel

Status Bar

Save Icon - Used to save your setup information.

Exit Icon - Exits Setup without saving.

Setup Bachup/Restore

Flag Icon - Dropdown menu with Backup and Restore options used to export/import your configuration settings.


HFLinp Map

View HFLink Map Page - Displays the Map page in a "mini" browser (shown above).

View HFLink Log Page - Displays the Log page.

View HFLink Chat Page - Displays the chat page.



Contents - Opens this help file.

About - Lists general information about the ALE^Stat and Registration information.  Also, you will find convenient links to the MARS-ALE-SITREP forum and to the HFLink site.


Main Form Status Bar

Countdown - Countdown timer to the next scheduled report.  If no data has been collected during the report interval, no report is sent.

Time to SITREP - Shows the MARS Zulu format time the next SITREP will be sent.

HFLink Status - Shows the status of the HFLink Web site (Red background = unavailable).

"World" Dropdown Menu Button - Use to manually connect or disconnect to PC/MARS-ALE and to refresh the HFLink status. Also used to check basic network connectivity.

NOTE: All items above are only displayed if both MARS and HFLink options are selected.  Selection of one or the other will display appropriate items.

Main Telnet Status

Status Text - Shows the current Telnet/TCP socket status, i.e., connected or disconnected (Red background = disconnected).

Download Software

STABLE Release

ALE^Stat 1.607 ZIP file - Version 1.607 Full Install - Now CFARS and HFLink 160 meter Compatible

If a click doesn't automatically start the download, right-click and select the "Save Target As..." option.

Before installing a new version!
1. Backup
current ALE^Stat configuration file (select "Setup" and click the form's "Toolbox" icon).
2. Un-install your current version of ALE^Stat.
3. Install the new version.
(When the new ALE^Stat runs the first time, the Setup form should open.)
4. Restore the configuration backup by using the Setup form's "Toolbox" icon.